Hiking Year-Round in Squamish

Squamish is known as a year-round playground for activities such as trail running, mountain biking and hiking, but winter’s early darkness can dampen motivation to get out and explore. The shorter days mean planning for shorter hikes, and snow on the ground means choosing a lower-elevation adventure or wearing appropriate footwear and clothing. Squamish has plenty to offer!

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Brohm Lake is a classic Squamish destination, but many people stay near the lake and don't venture further along the trails into the forest. Doing so is well worth the effort with a selection of trails ranging from a quick circumnavigation of the lake to the 10km Tantalus Lookout Hike that will get your heart beating and reward you with epic views.


If you're interested in learning more about the area you're exploring, check out the Brohm Lake Interpretive Forest. It is a beautiful trail, and signposts are set up along the way to act as tour guides, helping people learn about our beautiful forests.

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As you wind your way through the Cheakamus Loop or up to the Tantalus Lookout, keep your eyes peeled for friendly critters, incredible old-growth trees, a thick carpet of moss and ferns, and of course, the old fire lookout perched atop a rock. 

If you're heading up to Squamish for an adventure, a great place to start is with our friends at Valhalla Pure Outfitters-Squamish, located in the Nesters complex off Cleveland Road. You can ensure you have all the gear you need, and their friendly staff is always willing to share recent trip reports and recommendations on which trails are in good condition. Of course, stopping by the Sunflower Bakery for a few snacks to take along with you never hurts!

As with any outdoor activity, it pays to invest in quality footwear to keep yourself comfortable and stable while exploring. For hiking, there are many options depending on the length and intensity of outings. You will likely end up with a few pairs that are ideal in different conditions. Our friends at Valhalla Pure can help you select a boot that's perfect for you. 


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While there are many great hiking shoes to choose from, we haven't met one that does not benefit enormously from our insoles. The Esker Approach Insole reduces fatigue, foot pain and general discomfort with an anatomical shape that supports those long days on the trail. Our adaptive fit customizes to your feet, relieving pressure points, and our use of wool means your feet will be dryer and warmer when it's cold, keeping you out longer and making the most of your adventure.


Our goal is to provide our customers with everything they would expect from a premium, supportive orthotic insole combined with the technical performance and comfort of wool. We're proud to provide support and comfort to athletes, professionals and weekend warriors. 



Shopping for Esker Insoles at Valhalla Pure in Squamish

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