The Esker Experience

The perfect combination of design, materials and craftsmanship.

Our innovative plastic-free design uses only three natural materials

Premium wool felt

Nothing performs like our Canadian wool. Both technical and renewable, the properties of wool make it perfect for next to skin products.

Undyed linen canvas

Made from flax, one of nature’s more versatile plants, linen is highly sustainable, renewable, and one of the strongest natural fibres in the world.

100% natural rubber

Our innovative use of natural rubber prevents the need for harmful bonding agents and petroleum-based plastics commonly found in other insoles.

Hayden Buck - Blacksheep adventure sports

Why wool wins

"I’ve found the anti-microbial properties of the insoles to be my favorite part. I often don’t wear socks after a day on the trail, which means I’m barefoot in my shoes. Not only are they super comfortable barefoot, but they don’t pick up any foot odor."

The exceptional performance and benefits of wool


The breathable properties of wool keep your feet dry and happy. Our felted wool insoles wick moisture away from the foot for a more comfortable experience, no matter what your adventure.

Regulates temperature

Wool fibre naturally moves heat away from your feet in hot conditions. In colder weather, it contains warmth ensuring you can still feel your toes at the end of a long day on the slopes.


With its powerful ability to wick moisture the wool in our insoles keeps feet dryer and prevents bacteria without the use of chemicals. You don’t have to leave your shoes outside anymore!


The Approach Insole


Our signature shape offers just the right amount of support and flexibility to promote strong, healthy feet.

Our insoles flex with your footwear and support your feet rather than locking them in one position allowing for freedom of movement for balance and strength.

Our insoles offer a low to mid arch height that is suitibale for most people's feet and helps relieve pain from plantar fasciitis and overpronation. We have also integrated a metatarsal pad for support of the forefoot relief and prevention of metatarsalgia.

Helps support the ankle while adding a natural cushion under the heel bone to help with impact and plantar fasciitis.

Tapere edges that adapt to variable show widths and whole sizes insure a preceise fit. This means our insoles rarely need trimming.

Our textured bottom layers is desgined to stay in place insuring a postive connection between insole and footwear.

Cyndi Dyck

Plantar pain relief

"I had plantar fasciitis years ago, and I could feel some discomfort in my right heel starting a couple of months ago, so I decided to order these insoles to see if they would help. I've been using them for about a month, and the discomfort is pretty much gone."

Jake Hansen

Adaptive fit

"I have been wearing custom made orthotics nearly my whole life. Those usually cost $425 or more! Eskers are the first insole I have tried that did not hurt my feet. I would recommend anyone gives these a try."

From city streets to forest trails, our proven design offers performance, comfort and pain relief for all your adventures.


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